2 Common Rats in Illinois and the Removal Process

Cat Removal – Chicago, IL – A-Alert Exterminating Service IncWhat types of rodents invade homes in Illinois? The likely culprit is the Norway rat. Whether you already have a rat infestation or you want to prevent one, take a look at what you need to know about this common species.

The Norway Rat

The Norway rat is the primary rat species in Illinois. This type of rat is not endangered. However, even though this rat did not begin in Illinois it has adapted itself to living in Illinois very well.

Norway rats are almost the same size as Eastern woodrats. Some Norway rats grow to longer lengths than the Eastern woodrat species. These rats also have greyish, black, and brown fur. But the Norway rat’s coat has more brown fur compared to the Eastern woodrat.

If you have rats inside of your Illinois home, the rodents are likely the Norway species. These common home invaders can sneak into buildings through holes that are 1/2-inch across or larger, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Along with the rat’s appearance, you can identify this type of rodent infestation by looking for:

  • Droppings. You may find Norway rat droppings scattered around interiors they infest. These are small, dark, and capsule-shaped with blunt (not pointed) ends.
  • Gnaw marks. These rats gnaw through wood and other parts of a home’s interior. You can spot these gnaw marks on surfaces.
  • Rub Marks. As Norway rats habitually travel over surfaces they leave little bits of themselves, natural oils in their pelt, behind and over time these rub marks can become visible, that may not be a tire mark on that curb in the street.
  • Footprints. Look for the rat’s tiny footprints or tracks on dusty surfaces or muddy and dirty areas.
  • Burrows on your property. Normally the Norway Rat lives in burrows n the ground and leave those burrows when looking for resources and then return to their burrows before the sunrise
  • Open or torn-apart food.These rats enjoy your groceries. You may find gnawed open bags or boxes in your kitchen’s pantry.

Whether you know you have a Norway rat infestation, suspect these rodents are inside your house, or aren’t sure what type of rodent just left behind a trail of droppings, you need professional help. Rats aren’t easy to eliminate on your own. Instead of a do-it-yourself pest control job, call an experienced and qualified contractor.

The Relocation and Extermination Process

Have you seen a rat or two scurry into a hole in the wall? Have you seen signs of a rodent infestation? Now that you know your home may have rats, take the next step and schedule a pest control service. To effectively and safely eliminate the problem:

  • Identify the rodentAgain, identification of the rodent involved is the first step in solving a rat problem
  • Choose the best extermination method. The pest contractor will discuss Norway rat control methods, such as trapping or bait and chemical methods. The specific method the contractor chooses is based on their preferred form of pest control, the rats’ behaviors, and your home.
  • Find the entry points. How have the rats gotten into your home? You will need to find the entry point and completely close it. A qualified pest control professional can inspect your home and help you to find these spaces.

The pest control contractor can also teach you how to prevent a future infestation. Ask the professional for tips on rat-proof sanitation and ways to stop rodents from entering your home.

Do you need help controlling residential rats? Contact A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc for more information.

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