6 Tips to Keep Your Basement in Chicago Insect-Free

6 Tips to Keep Your Basement in Chicago Insect-Free

The current season is conducive to the accumulation of pests. Bugs and roaches thrive in warm environments. The basement is one area of your home where bugs and roaches can accumulate, and you may not notice.

Basements act as storage areas in most homes. However, you may have to constantly check your basement during this season. Read on to identify some tips to keep your basement in Chicago free from bugs and roaches.

1. Clean Your Basement

Cleanliness is the easiest tip to keep your basement free from bugs and rodents. Remember that you can always hire professional cleaners to do the job for you. However, you can do some of these activities to keep your basement clean and tidy:

  • Declutter to remove any unnecessary items
  • Throw away any rubbish
  • Arrange the items in the basement well to avoid congestion
  • Look out for any critters as you clean

Cleanliness will allow you to find the presence of insects before it gets out of hand.

2. Eliminate Moisture

Damp areas keep harmful things like mold and pests active and alive. If your basement is often damp, it’s because excessive moisture is in that area. The dampness could be due to structural issues or seepage or leaky pipes that need to get fixed immediately.

A professional plumber would be of help in such a situation. Another option would be to utilize a dehumidifier to keep the water molecules in the basement in check. The end goal is to ensure the basement is free from excessive moisture.

3. Eliminate Any Food Sources

The tip is applicable if you store any food items, especially pet food, in your basement. Bugs and rodents thrive in areas where they can feed off something. The only remedy is to remove anything that you consider their food source.

Another option is to store the food in containers with tight seals. Any time you scoop food from the containers, ensure you do not leave any fragments on the floor or surface.

4. Storing Furniture and Household Items

Some items in your basement can serve as breeding grounds for bugs and rodents. They can hide in old furniture. It may be difficult to notice them for some time up until they become a menace. Old carpets are also breeding grounds for pests. These items are often used as nesting places for rodents.

You will create more space in your basement when you do away with these items. You will also have a better chance of a pest-free basement since there will be less areas to hide or breed.

5. Seal Entry Points for Pests

Most times, pests get in through the available entry points in your basement. It could be the windows you leave open for an extended period in the basement. Sometimes the cracks and holes you overlook in the basement could be their entry point.

However, it may also be hard for you to identify these entry points. You can engage a pest professional who may guide and help you identify these entry points. After the identification, take the necessary actions to seal the entry points.

6. Seek Professional Help

Contact a pest professional for guidance if you identify pests in your basement area. Pest professionals can identify the specific pests in your basement area. After the identification, a pest professional will assist you as they curate a proper treatment program. After some time, you may realize a significant reduction or complete elimination of the bugs or rodents.

Bugs and rodents are very unpleasant, they create damage, they contaminate food, can affect your physical health and they may even stress you out. Your basement is among the many areas where pests can accumulate and start to infest your home unbeknownst to you until it is out of hand.

It would be best to consider some of the mentioned tips to prevent them from accumulating. Contact the pests professionals at A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc when you notice an influx of bugs and roaches in or around your home.

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