FAQ About Bed Bug Extermination in Chicago, IL

An example of a bug in need of bed bug extermination service in Chicago, IL

Bed bugs are relatively small insects, so they can be difficult to notice at first, but the problem can quickly spread if left untreated. At A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc, we offer thorough pest removal services so that you can enjoy a clean home.

When you need the services of a bed bug exterminator in Chicago, IL, call us today.

What Should You Watch For?

If you notice a musty odor or blood stains on your bedding, you may have a bed bug infestation. Other signs to watch for include rusty spots on your mattress, walls, and bedclothes, or shed skins and eggshells. If you develop a rash or itchy skin after sleeping, this may also be a sign of bed bugs in your home.

After you notice any of these signs, reach out to a team of pest control experts to inspect the area and provide treatment. We provide personalized bed bug extermination treatment plans to meet your needs and ensure that your home is free from these little pests.

Our services utilize a variety of methods, including pesticides, heat treatment, and trained dogs.. You can rest assured that we use products that are EPA registered and we follow the label directions to eliminate the issue for you and your family.

How Can You Get Started?

Are you worried about bed bugs in your home? Our team has the training to identify the issue and provide a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget. We provide safe, effective, and thorough services so that you can keep your home free from pests.

To schedule a bed bug exterminating service, call (773) 348-3337. A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc is proud to serve residents throughout Chicago, IL. You can count on us to handle all of your bed bug control needs.