Common Restaurant Pest Problems

A-Alert Exterminating Service is your professional Chicago area pest control company. We’ve been servicing the Chicago area for over 40 years and we understand how critical it is for restaurants to be pest-free. Our professional expertise will ensure that your commercial pest outbreak is handled skillfully.

Restaurant pest control is incredibly vital for a restaurant’s success. Pests can destroy a restaurant’s reputation, ruin inventory, cause issues for health inspections, lower sanitation grades, harm the health of customers, transmit diseases, and even shut a restaurant down. The most common restaurant pests are beetles, weevils, moths, cockroaches, rodents, and flies. Flies are often one of the most stubborn restaurant pests. However, a fly infestation can be prevented by cleaning up spills immediately and covering all trash receptacles. Other common pest areas in restaurants are waste areas, food prep stations, dining areas, storage areas, and outdoor areas. In order to prevent pest problems in your commercial restaurant space, it’s necessary to isolate garbage, seal all points of entry, inspect new supplies, and uphold cleanliness.

Chicago Restaurant Pest Control Services

A-Alert Extermination Service uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to successfully diagnose, prevent, and stop pest issues. IPM is unique because it doesn’t just exterminate pests; it also involves identifying the reasons for the infestation and educating the client so you can avoid future issues. Though IPM requires a higher level of commitment from the client, it’s a highly advantageous system because it lowers chemical use and provides long-term solutions to stubborn pest problems.

We work directly with our clients to help them understand the nature of restaurant pest problems. Our experience with commercial restaurant pest control allows us to educate our customers so you can reduce the number of outbreaks and limit service restaurants to your restaurant. A-Alert Exterminating Service offers both short-term programs for immediate solutions and long-term IPM solutions so your restaurant can be pest-free!