Chicago Hotel & Hospitality Industry Bed Bug Elimination

In a complicated environment like a hotel in Chicago, where every guest, employee, provider, contractor, or visitor could be importing pest issues into a very low tolerance environment it is important to have an expert exterminator on your side.  While it is crucial to your establishment’s reputation to be ready for the reality of Bed Bugs other pests can be just as important to the hotel’s reputation and guest satisfaction.

The last thing you need as a hotel manager is a company that does not understand your special needs and issues.  Working with a professional company that understands bed bugs, how to eliminate them, and understands the needs of the hospitality industry in Chicago, like A-Alert Exterminating Service, will ensure that the outbreak is completely eliminated and is handled properly.

Hotel Bed Bug Elimination

Our pest control specialists uses multiple techniques and strategies as part of our exterminating services for Bed Bugs and other pests, whether in Chicago or Chicago suburbs.  Our team employs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles as the basis for its work.

While this strategy may require a higher level of commitment from the client, the effort is worthwhile because it can lower chemical use and can provide quicker results and in many cases long term solutions. Using IPM principles for pest control problems in Chicago and Chicago suburbs allows us to accurately pinpoint each pest issues, bed bug infestation or other pest issue, and the reasons behind the infestation.

Should word about a bed bug infestation get out before you are able to hire a professional Chicago area pest control company, like A-Alert Exterminating Service, it is important to reassure the public, and the media, of several facts about bed bugs. It is important to provide the proper perspective on the problem; another reason to make sure the proper provider is working with your hotel.

First, contrary to popular belief, bed bug outbreaks are not caused by unsanitary conditions, and hotels are normally victims of guests and possibly staff, they had nothing to do with the start of the issue. Secondly, bed bugs have not been shown to cause or spread disease. Finally, in most cases, you can eliminate these pests from furniture and clothing, so it is rarely necessary to dispose of these items.

However, it is not necessary to allow your hotel in Chicago to have bed bugs or any other pest. Working together with A-Alert could keep pest outbreaks from becoming pest infestations.