Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

We no longer utilize bed bug-sniffing dogs.

A-Alert bed bug sniffing dog

One of A-Alert’s former bed bug sniffing dogs

At A-Alert, we continually refine our methods and technologies to ensure that we offer the most efficient and effective pest control solutions available. In the past, we utilized bed bug-sniffing dogs as part of our inspection process. While these dogs were helpful in some scenarios, we have chosen to shift our focus to more technologically advanced and consistent methods for detecting and assessing bed bug infestations.

Since our merger with Plunkett’s Pest Control, our current approach involves a detailed initial inspection and assessment by our trained technicians to confirm the presence of bed bugs and evaluate the severity of the infestation. This hands-on inspection allows us to understand fully the extent of the problem and tailor our treatment plans accordingly.

How Can A-Alert Solve My Bed Bug Problem?

Once bed bugs are confirmed, we present a clear proposal with pricing. After agreement, we execute a conventional bed bug treatment, which includes three service visits over 1-2 week intervals. During these visits, our team applies residual pesticide materials to targeted key areas of the home, offering a 45-day guarantee from the initial service date. This method ensures thoroughness and effectiveness, taking approximately 4-6 weeks for complete eradication of bed bugs. This structured and scientifically supported process has proven more reliable and effective in maintaining the high standards of service our customers expect from A-A-Alert and Plunkett’s Pest Control.


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Don’t forget to learn more about the City of Chicago’s Bed Bug Ordinance here. A-Alert also offers expert residential pest control and commercial pest control services.