A-Alert Offers Environmentally Conscious Pest Control

At A-Alert, we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious pest control company. We’re committed to using to the lowest-impact chemical choice when there is a need for chemical application in either a remedial or preventative pest control situation. A-Alert also offers natural pest control remedies as well as a progressive Integrated Pest Management system.

Every product A-Alert uses is registered with the EPA. Because we care about our employees, our clients, and the environment, A-Alert strives to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

What Is Eco-Friendly Pest Control?

For A-Alert, eco-friendly pest control means being thoughtful when deciding the best course of action for any pest problem. We choose a reasonable, non-chemical pest control strategy in order to solve a pest issue whenever possible and realistic. Our A-Alert technicians always demonstrate their eco-friendliness because we carefully consider the environmental impact of any method.

Some of our most green pest control tactics include naturally occurring materials, like our use of “bait” products for certain species of pests. Of course, A-Alert uses natural materials as opposed to conventional pest control methods whenever feasible.

Chemical-free pest control can be achieved; A-Alert has experience providing chemical-free pest control to organizations that require it. These methods require more intense and proactive inspections, more time, and a higher level of service. If you’re interested in making the commitment to a chemical-free pest control method, please reach out and call us today at (773) 348-3337.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

A-Alert proudly uses Integrated Pest Management Principles, or IPM. IPM emphasizes addressing the cause of a pest problem, the factors that allow the pest issue to persist, and of course, the pest issue itself. With IPM, A-Alert addresses and resolves the structural, cultural, environmental, and sanitation issues that led to the pest problem in the first place.

With IPM, chemicals are only used when a specific, unique pest situation requires it. The lowest-impact chemical choice is used whenever possible.

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