Chicago Bed Bug Elimination in College Dorms

A university dorm room may be small and overfilled with items, but regardless, it is a student’s home.  Chicago is one of top cities in America infested with bed bugs, with universities and colleges being some of the most problematic situations connected to bed bug infestations. An infestation of bed bugs can impact more than the university, it can be problematic for students too, they can affect the student’s emotional health, the students can be made into a social outcast, and the student can become distracted from the most important part of college, their studies.

For these reasons, if you looking for an exterminator in Chicago for bed bugs in a dorm or similar situation, it is crucial to hire an exterminating service that understands the complicated nature of bed bug issues in dorm situations. To successfully eliminate bed bugs in these situations takes more understanding than just how to spray chemicals; these situations are complicated by the dorm life itself and movement of students and their things, laptop/tablet bags, book bags, backpacks, etc. The understanding goes beyond eliminating the Bed Bugs, but in areas such as interacting with the student and their parents. The services a dorm situation needs when faced with Bed Bugs, or any pest problem, can be successfully addressed in the Chicago area by A-Alert Exterminating Service.  Isn’t this what you want from your choice as an exterminator?

College Dorm Room Bed Bug Elimination

At A-Alert Exterminating Service, we are happy to educate you, your staff, your students, and their parents about Bed Bugs as well as provide elimination services for your dormitory and other school buildings. In the meantime, below are a few facts about bed bugs:

  • Unsanitary conditions do not cause bed bugs, but getting rid of clutter helps to eliminate places where bed bugs can live and hide.
  • Clothing can be laundered to get rid of bed bugs. In the vast majority of cases, furniture can be treated, and should only be discarded if there are no options for effective bed bug treatments.
  • Bed bugs have not been shown to cause or spread diseases. However, some people will react to bed bugs bites much like allergies. Also, excessive scratching of bed bug bites can lead to secondary infections.
  • Bed bugs are not confined to beds, as the name would suggest. Bed bugs are also commonly found in on sofas, in chairs and areas near where people sleep or lounge.
  • Insect foggers are not effective for controlling bed bugs. In fact, they have very little effect on Bed bugs and can cause them to scatter to other areas. In addition insect foggers have risks, they can leave unwanted residue throughout the treated area. Most insect foggers contain a flammable propellant, and have caused numerous fires when the directions are not followed.

A-Alert Exterminating Service uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles as the basis for its work. This approach to pest control is important in an urban setting like Chicago because it allows us to diagnose your pest issue and the reasons for the infestation. This method of pest control can require a higher level of commitment from the client, but it is highly advantageous to the school because it can lower chemical use and can provide long term solutions to pest problems.

While chemical applications can have a place in a pest control program in Chicago, we do not limit our programs to these methods solely.