Bed Bug Pest Control for Chicago, IL

In rental properties in Chicago licensed pest control experts must perform all bed bug removal services. A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc has the skills and qualifications to safely provide bed bug pest control services, so let us help you keep your property safe and free from these nasty critters.

Learn more about the city ordinance that addresses bed bug control requirements.

What Does the Ordinance Require?

According to the city ordinance passed in 2013, only licensed professionals can perform bed bug treatments. The elimination program has to be multiple visits and must be in place until the issue is completely eliminated. Landlords are required to retain paperwork from the professional and also inspect all units that conjoin the unit with the reported issue. Our team offers reliable pest control services to take care of the problem so that you can get back to life as normal as quickly as possible. Landlords cannot retaliate against residents who report bed bugs.

In addition to requirements for landlords of rental properties, tenants must provide timely notice of the issue, in writing, they must follow directions and advice of the pest control professional, grant pest control access to the area with the issue at any reasonable time, and not interfere with treatment. If the resident removes items infested with bed bugs, the items must be disposed of properly (treated, identified as connected to bed bugs, and sealed). We strive to make the process as simple as possible to minimize the disruption to your routine as we remove bed bug infestations.

How Can We Help?

The team at A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc is here to handle any potential infestations quickly and thoroughly. If you suspect an issue with bed bugs, we can come inspect the area and provide treatment to kill bed bugs before we dispose of any items that cannot be treated.

If you own rental buildings, ensure that you are compliant with city regulations and rely on the experts. Tenants are obligated to notify building management of bed bug issues if they suspect them so residents should not hesitate to alert landlords of infestations. With a prompt response and effective treatment methods, we can normally eradicate the problem before it spreads.

Learn more about local regulations and schedule reliable bed bug removal services when you call A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc. We are proud to serve residents throughout Chicago, IL, so feel free to reach out with any questions. To schedule a service, call (773) 348-3337.