commercial pest control Chicago Illinois, rodents, cockroaches, mice, bed bugsEveryone would agree that protecting your business, your income, and your investments rank high on our list of priorities. Pest control is a form of protection just like purchasing insurance or buying a lock for your door. For example, if you are in the food service industry, proper pest control can help you avoid negative comments, posts, or reviews. It could also protect you from fines or even closure by the Health Department. In the hospitality industry, proper pest control can also provide valuable protection from negative feedback from others. For instance, our services could help you effectively manage issues with Bed Bugs, and a number of other problems. A satisfied guest will be likely to visit again and tell others about the pleasant experience they had at your property. Proper pest control can also contribute to a more productive work environment. If employees work in a pest free environment, they can concentrate on the day’s work instead of worrying about what pest they might encounter or even bring home with them. Whether you run a restaurant, a hotel, an office, or any other kind of business, effective pest control will limit your liabilities and create a safer environment for your employees and customers.

Commercial Pest Control Services

At A-Alert, we offer a wide range of programs that can be customized for your specific problem or combinations of problems. Our services range from short-term programs that address immediate problems to long-term integrated pest management solutions. We work to educate our customers so they may make changes to their environment and behaviors to avoid future problems. In cases where the problem is beyond the customer’s control, we offer ongoing service programs. This type of service is needed when the real cause of the problem is beyond the client’s control. For instance, if your building is located next to a foreclosed, dilapidated, rat infested building, continuing service would be necessary until the problem on the conjoining property is solved.

Additional services include bed bug elimination in college dorm rooms and bed bug elimination in hotels.

Our Pest Control Process

We are a company that employs Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles in our work. We try to use chemicals only when necessary and in a strategic way that minimizes both impact and risk. Our technicians will also help identify food sources for pests so that these sources can be eliminated, making the problem easier to address. By locating their food sources and enacting strategies to rid them of their food supply, we will be able to develop long-term strategies to prevent or lessen future pest problems. As long pests have easy access to food and are comfortable in your structure, they will continue to make themselves at home in your place of business. By working directly with our clients and helping them understand the nature of their pest problem, we can reduce the number of repeated outbreaks and limit the number of service visits.

Protect Your Business

We can help you protect your business, income source, or investment from the negative aspects that pests bring with them when they share our work or living space. We are not a company that performs “cookie cutter” pest control where the protocols followed in every situation are just like the last situation and the next situation. While the pest does not change from place to place the environment does change from situation to situation.