Cockroach Extermination in Chicago, IL

Most cockroaches problems are associated with the German Cockroach. This small, light brown colored cockroach measures less than an inch in length and is commonly found in the kitchens and bathrooms of homes and businesses.

The German Cockroach can usually be found within 5 feet of food and water sources.  As its population grows, however, the distance from acceptable harborage may increase.  If food and water are provided outside of the normal areas in the home, it is inevitable that those areas will soon have their own populations.  In small infestations, most German Cockroaches will live in or near kitchens and bathrooms.  Ultimately though, any area in a structure that’s temperature is between 60 degrees and 100 degrees can become an area with a German Cockroach problem.

Cockroaches tend to cluster together and use chemical substances called pheromones to identify resource areas such as their harborage. This means that even after these pests are successfully eliminated when new cockroaches are reintroduced into an area they will seek shelter in the very same places.  In order to truly eliminate these pests, you will need the help of a trained professional.  At A-Alert, we work to diagnose, treat, and cure your pest control issues.  We can assure you that we are looking at treating more than just the symptoms of the problem; instead we are dedicated to taking the precautionary measures necessary to prevent future infestations and providing long term solutions that will work for you.

The reproductive capabilities of cockroaches in general, and the German Cockroach in particular, are phenomenal. Without working to prevent future invasions, these persistent pests will be back in full force just a short while after treatment. As with other pests, the way to manage this problem should not be through the use of mass doses of chemicals.  Instead, we believe that chemical applications should be surgical in nature. This technique works to eliminate the issue without exasperating the risk level to those who might be affected by these chemicals.  At A-Alert, our methods allow us to follow proper protocols for these pests while using a minimal amount of chemicals to solve issues.

There are many issues that need to be considered before treating for these pests. Are there special circumstances, such as children or pets, which could impact the control strategy used? Is the location in need of treatment a single family home or a multi-unit building? For instance, the elimination of these pests in multi-family housing units can be especially challenging.  Mrs. Jones’s problem can easily become her neighbor Mrs. Smith’s problem very quickly. Ultimately, Mrs. Smith’s problem will not be eliminated until Mrs. Jones’s problem is eliminated.

While the German Cockroach is not the only type of cockroach present in the Chicago area, it is the most prevalent pest cockroach species. If you are having an issue with American or Oriental Cockroaches, often referred to as “waterbugs”, we can also devise a program to combat these types of cockroaches.

As with other pests, an inspection will determine the extent of the issue and the application techniques best suited for eliminating the issue. Our technicians are prepared to perform both of these procedures. Although fogging is an easy choice that will result in the death of some of the cockroaches that are visible to you, it will not normally eliminate the issue altogether.  Attention to cracks and crevices and a reduction of contributing factors such as sanitation and water resources will give clients the relief they seek from this issue.

Not all situations call for an ongoing program. In some situations where we can obtain client cooperation, cockroach elimination can be a short-term program.  In other situations, ongoing service programs are called for. We also provide these types of ongoing programs, with warranties.