Silverfish Bug and other Fabric and Paper Pest Extermination in Chicago, IL

Fabric and paper pests such as Silverfish, carpet beetles and their relatives, and clothes moths, as an example the Webbing Clothes Moth and the Casemaking Clothes Moth, are more than just an aesthetic pest. They can create considerable damage. They can make their appearance anywhere in your home or business; they go where the resources are. They are also very adept at finding new resource areas to infest.

Because their diet consists of natural fibers and dead insects, these pests can be rather destructive in nature.  They can cause considerable damage to items such as clothing, artwork, display items, documents, and books. In some cases, they have even been known to feast on irreplaceable family heirlooms or historically significant objects.

Effective pest control treatment starts with proper identification.  Once the specific species is identified, the items which are vulnerable, and the possible source, can be identified.  Our team will then target the micro-environments that these pests thrive in, allowing for the directed treatment of specific areas, while reducing the amount of chemicals used to solve your pest control problem. We Offer all kind of Pest Solutions like flies, Rodents etc.

As with other pests, the way to manage this problem should not be through the use of mass doses of chemicals.  Instead, we believe that chemical applications should be surgical in nature.  This technique works to eliminate the issue without exasperating the risk level to those who might be affected by these chemicals.  At A-Alert, our methods allow us to follow proper protocols for these pests while using a minimal amount of chemicals to solve issues.

Although chemical applications will be needed to eliminate the issue, our experts will develop and implement an application plan that is based on the uniqueness of your situation.  The information derived from the identification process will allow us to use the lowest impact materials in a manner that will allow us to treat, manage, and eliminate your pest problems.

Chemical applications must be combined with proper handling of vulnerable items in order to effectively prevent this issue from reoccurring. If these nonchemical procedures are not taken care of, these areas will become repopulated within a brief period of time once the chemicals lose their residual effect. Dependence solely on a chemical solution will only provide short-term relief.

In some situations it is prudent to design a monitoring program to prevent future issues with these pests.  In most cases, monitoring programs serve as on-going solutions to chronic problems.  At A-Alert, our monitoring programs encourage clients to regularly check for activity in the monitoring stations set up by our technicians. By participating in the monitoring process, the client saves a considerable sum when compared to standard treatment methods in which a technician would perform all duties involved in the monitoring program. When pests are found in the monitors, which is normally early on in the process, treatment programs can be created and implemented. In addition to saving clients a considerable amount of money, this type of program can also reduce the amount of chemicals used to control and eliminate these pests.