Bed Bug Exterminator in Chicago, IL

Chicago was ranked 2nd place for the Top U.S. cities for bed bugs, according to ABC News.

Bed Bugs are small and crypto-biotic (they live and move in secret). In fact, a bed bug forages only about 0.2% of the time which places it in a hidden area, usually a crack or crevice, 99.8% of the time.  Bed Bugs can survive for many months without a blood meal.  They are hitchhikers by nature and we move them from place to place in furniture, bags, backpacks, luggage, boxes, and other items. Bed bug control has been one of the most serious pest control issues for residential and commercial areas.

It’s important to hire a professional bed bug expert to help you with bed bug control and treatment.

The treatment cost of eliminating bed bugs in Chicago varies significantly, this is because we can’t quote a price for a 5 bedroom house the same way we could give an estimated cost for a downtown studio apartment. Call a Bed Bug Exterminator to receive a Free Estimate Today! 773-348-3337

How to Detect Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are active at night.  The Bed Bug injects the host with a pain killer so the host does not realize they are being fed upon. You cannot identify a problem as a bed bug infestation by the bites alone; the bite reactions are dependent upon your body chemistry. Different people have different reactions and some people do not react at all. Once you have been bitten and understand your reaction, then in the future you may be able to determine that the bite is most likely is a Bed Bug bite because of the similarity to your past bite reactions. Bed Bugs spend the vast majority of their time in their harborage so finding the insect can be very hard, especially early in an issue. Normally one searches for the evidence of Bed Bugs, dead insects, cast off exoskeletons, droppings, blood spots, etc. To perform a proper inspection one must examine furniture, bedding, mattress, luggage, the cracks and crevices of the home, and boxes thoroughly. Visual inspections are just one possible way to detect Bed Bugs. There are special canines that have been trained to find Bed Bugs. There are monitoring devices that can capture Bed Bugs. If you need solid evidence of bed bugs infestation, contact a pest control expert.

How to Exterminate Bed Bugs

Chemical Treatments-Using EPA registered materials with proper techniques can be effective against Bed Bugs. The important variable in successfully eliminating Bed Bugs using chemicals is knowledge. Knowledge allows for the proper chemical choice, and most importantly knowledge directs the technician to where to apply chemicals. The proper application techniques insure that effective and low risk methods are employed.

Heat Treatments-Using heat can be an option for elimination. Raising the temperature of the home and the items in the home above the threshold these insects have can be effective.

Non-Chemical Bed Bug Extermination

There are a number of things the client can do to lessen the impact of the Bed Bugs and speed up the elimination process. Preparation for treatment is extremely important. Clutter reduction removes harborage areas. Encasements for the mattresses and box springs are a great strategy for Bed Bug control. None of these will on their own eliminate a Bed Bug issue but employing these techniques speeds up the elimination process.

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