Mice and Rat Control Services in Oak Park, IL

Do you notice telltale droppings scattered through your home, school, or business in Oak Park, IL? Do your baseboards or walls have gnaw marks that weren’t there a couple weeks ago? Do you faintly smell urine or hear pattering across your floors at night? These signs most likely point to a mouse or rat infestation.

That’s when you need to call A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc for efficient mouse and rat control services for your home or property.

Your Rat and Mice Control Company

Our pest control technicians can help you solve your rat or mouse problem quickly and efficiently. During our free estimate, we’ll inspect your property and relate to you what we need to do for effective treatment.

We use a variety of environmentally friendly treatments to both rid your property of its current pests and help guard against future invasion. We’ll always educate you on the ins and outs of each treatment we do so you know exactly what you’re getting.

In addition to treating for mice and rats, we also help with spiders, bedbugs, cockroaches, and ants.

Rely on 45 years of experience from our BBB-accredited company and call us today at (773) 348-3337. You may also fill out our online form.

We protect your home and business from all types of pests:





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