Since 1973, A-Alert Exterminating Service has offered pest control services to Orland Park, IL, and the surrounding Chicago area. Our team has extensive experience in eradicating pests from clients’ homes and property. We are especially proud of our track record in exterminating some of the most resilient and hard-to-get-rid-of pests, such as bed bugs, carpenter ants, and rats.

Comprehensive Exterminating Service in Orland Park, IL

We are licensed in the State of Illinois and can offer you over forty years of experience fighting off pesky invaders and keeping them out. With services ranging from bed bug control to rodent control services, we handle a variety of different infestations. We can even resolve bird issues if you have some troublesome birds waking you up at the crack of dawn and leaving droppings all over your property.

Most Common Pests in Illinois

Because of the well-manicured landscaping that is prevalent in the Orland area, it is no surprise that one of the most troublesome pests in your area are mice. Mice can enter your home through very small openings, the size of a dime or larger. They can damage you home, contaminate your food, and spread diseases. This is an important pest to eliminate, it is not “just a mouse.”

Centipedes, another common pest in the area, can leave painful bites that feel similar to bee stings. And beetles and crickets can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms in addition to being a disgusting nuisance.

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Orland Park Pest Control Extermination Services:

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