5 Things That Attract Bed Bugs

5 Things That Attract Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can spread from one place to another in various ways. These pests can hide in your clothes when you visit your neighbor’s house, travel, or go to school or the gym. When bedbugs find their way into your home, they may multiply and cause several issues, such as allergic reactions. This article highlights five things that can make bed bugs feel welcome in your home.

1. Carbon Dioxide

The air you breathe in contains oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, your body only needs oxygen to carry out various functions, including turning food into energy and providing energy for your body. After your body absorbs oxygen, it will get rid of carbon dioxide when you breathe out. As a result, the air you breathe out has a high carbon dioxide concentration.

Bedbugs like living in areas with a high carbon dioxide concentration. For this reason, you may find these pests in your bed, especially at night, since you breathe out a lot of carbon dioxide during this time. Additionally, people make fewer movements at night, allowing the air around them to have high carbon dioxide concentrations.

2. Warm Temperatures

Generally, bed bugs like living in warm environments. Since most people heat their homes, especially during the cold season, the warm environment allows bed bugs to spread out through the house when compared to hommes over 100 years ago. Proper temperatures also allows them to replicate at their optimum, making your home a perfect breeding ground for the pests.

Also, when you sleep, your body produces a lot of warmth. The warmth that your skin emits and the heat trapped in your bedding help bed bugs find you when they are close to you by moving towards the source of Carbon Dioxide discussed above

3. Wall Crevices

As time goes by, your house may become old, and you may begin to notice cracks on your walls. Wall cracks offer a perfect breeding ground for pests, allowing them to multiply. Detecting bedbugs in wall cracks can be difficult. Additionally, eliminating these pests can be quite challenging.

To avoid these issues, you need to inspect your house regularly and look for wall crevices. Once you notice even the tiniest cracks, fill them with caulk and plaster. While this will not prevent bed bugs, it will make elimination an easier and quicker process.

4. Dark-Colored Bedding

Some people like using dark-colored bedding. Nevertheless, dark-colored sheets also come with a disadvantage. Bed bugs actually prefer dark-colored bedding as it makes them feel safe. This is because dark colors allow bed bugs to camouflage easily, which also makes it more difficult for you to spot them. Remember that light colored bedding does not repell bed bugs, dark colors are just a preference.

If your profession requires regular traveling forcing you to spend some nights in hotels, you need to use bright colored sheets. These sheets allow you to spot bedbugs easily and get rid of them before the issue escalates.

5. Unwashed Clothes

When a human host is not around, unwashed clothes left lying around can be a perfect place for bed bugs to hide. This is because you are likely to leave your smell on them, and bed bugs are attracted to your scent.

For this reason, people who often use public facilities like public transportation need to wash their clothes regularly in case bed bugs have hitched a ride. When washing your clothes, you should fully dry your clothes to ensure you kill any pests.

If you can’t wash your clothes immediately once you reach home, wrap them in a plastic sealed bag. This bag ensures the clothes don’t mix with others, preventing bed bugs from entering your home.

Bed bugs are irritating, and they can affect your quality of life. However, getting rid of these pests by yourself can be a difficult task. For this reason, you need to hire a professional pest control company. These experts have all the necessary tools and skills to help you get rid of these pests. If you are looking for professional pest control services, contact A-Alert Exterminating Services Inc.

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