9 Things That Attract Rodents to Your Home in Chicago

9 Things That Attract Rodents to Your Home in Chicago

Rodents will move to a place with enough food, a consistent water supply, and warmth. In many instances, your house tends to provide all these things. Once the rodents enter your home, they can stay permanently and cause much damage. So, what exactly attracts rodents to your home? Read on to find out.

1. Wet Basement

Leaks in the basement cause many problems and are major inconveniences. The pools of water in your basement will attract many types of pests, including rodents. The water can also increase the humidity levels, which can cause structural damage and provide cracks where rodents will hide. 

2. Compost

Compost is the perfect way to create fertilizer and recycle your house’s organic waste. However, piles of compost create the ideal environment for rodents. The compost provides shelter and is a continuous food source for rodents. 

3. Bird Feeders

You may have installed a bird feeder in your home to attract birds. However, the feeder may also attract other unwelcome animals, such as mice. The rodents will always appreciate the nuts and seeds in the feeder and will permanently move to a place with a consistent supply of this food. Many birds that come to your bird feeder will not prey on the mice, making the spot a safe source of food for rodents.

4. Organic Products

Rats and other rodents can survive on a wide range of food sources. The rodents will feed on soap, leather, and fur. Also, many rodents can digest animal or plant products in your home. The rodents can even chew through plastic and thick containers to reach food.

5. Plants and Vegetation 

Rodents can also be attracted to vegetation and plants inside your house or in the yard. The attraction is greater if you have nut and fruit plants in your home. For example, the tomato plants on your terrace or the herb garden in your backyard will be wonderful invitations for mice. Even trees with branches that touch the roofline can provide a gateway for rodents to enter your house.

6. Natural Clutter

Rodents are always on the lookout for potential hiding places in your home. Fallen leaves, tall grass, and huge piles of wood can be a hiding haven for mice and other rodents. Old clothes boxes and damaged appliances inside the house may also attract rodents. Rodents can also enter your house if you have a garage full of spare parts and rarely used tools.

7. Holes and Cracks

Rodents will thrive on any holes and cracks in your house’s walls. The cracks provide a hiding place and passage for the rodents to enter and leave your house. Even tiny cracks can be dangerous because mice can pass through a space the size of a dime. 

8. Food Debris

Dirty kitchens with food leftovers will be a wonderful place for mice to find food. Similarly, mice will come to your home if you spill things such as sugar and rice on the floor. Moreover, taking too long to wash the dirty dishes in your sink will be a feast for rodents.

9. Undisturbed Car

You may be surprised that your vehicle will bring rodents to your home. But that will happen if you leave your car undisturbed for extended periods. Mice will chew the upholstery, insulation, and wiring of your car. The mice will also appreciate the food wrappers you might have left in the car boot.

Rodents can cause damage to your house and may even be a health risk to the home occupants. Fortunately, A-Alert Exterminating Service can help you get rid of rodents and other pests in your home. Contact us today to eliminate the pest menace from your house in Chicago.

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