Identifying and Eliminating Sewer Roaches

Identifying and Eliminating Sewer Roaches

Have you heard horror stories about sewer roaches? These pesky critters can be both a significant nuisance and a potential health hazard.

Sure, it’s great to know they can survive in places where most would not venture…but when your home or business has become their new hangout spot—these unwanted guests’ survival skills are no longer something to brag about. Let’s look at what can be done to help identify, eliminate, and keep those sewer roaches from invading your home and business.

At A-Alert Exterminator Service, we understand the importance of getting rid of sewer roaches as quickly as possible. We use specialized techniques to target these pests, including insecticides and baits specifically designed for this type of infestation.

Our experienced exterminators will inspect your home for any signs of sewer roach activity before beginning treatment; this helps us identify potential entry points you can seal off to prevent further infestations. We also provide follow-up visits after a cockroach elimination to address the infestation and other issues appropriately.


What is Sewer Roaches? 

We all know what cockroaches look like, but a smaller variety of roaches live in sewer systems. These, called sewer roaches, feed on sewage and wastewater. They do not spread diseases and are generally harmless but can be a nuisance when entering homes and businesses.


Identifying Sewer Roaches 

Sewer roaches are usually black or dark brown and measure 1/4 to 1/2 inches long. They have wings but cannot fly— they propel themselves through short hops or crawling. Adult sewer roaches may also have yellow spots along their abdomen. Unlike American Cockroaches, sewer roaches do not have the two distinctive stripes on their back.


Where are They Found?

Sewer roaches infest homes, businesses, and other places where there is an accessible source of moisture. These pests prefer dark, damp areas such as sewers, drains, and pipe systems. They thrive in warm temperatures and can often be found near water heaters or plumbing fixtures. Sewer roaches may also be found around garbage cans and dumpsters due to their affinity for decaying organic material.

If you suspect a sewer roach infestation in your home or business, it is essential to take immediate action to ensure the safety of yourself and others. The most effective way to eliminate sewer roaches is through professional extermination services from a qualified exterminator in Chicago.


A-Alert Exterminators

During the initial inspection, A-Alert exterminators in Chicago will examine all areas of your property for signs of an infestation, such as droppings or shed skin casings near pipes or water sources.

Once we complete the inspection, we develop treatment options such as; baiting and trapping techniques and insecticide application in affected areas. We can place baits near water sources where these creatures congregate to attract them away from other parts of your home or business.

Trapping methods may involve glue boards placed around baseboards or gaps in walls/floors where they may enter through cracks/crevices. Insecticides should also be applied along baseboards and cracks beneath appliances if needed; all our products are safe.


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At A-Alert Exterminators, we use safe products for you and your family/co-workers while remaining highly effective against sewer roaches. After all treatments have been completed, follow-up inspections will be conducted by our certified technicians to ensure all pest activity has been completely stopped before giving you the green light to reoccupy your space! Give us a call. We offer the following services:

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